Learning from the master – pt. 2

Something in line with the previous blogs on education and creativity

Again a plea for more craftsmanship in education. A lot of the quirks and impediments people have are a result of our current system of education and the modern system of industrial capitalism.

Recently I’ve come across this TED Talk and some lectures by John Elder Robison.

imageimageA name most guitar makers won’t be famiar with, but I am quite sure they will know his work; he made the extravagant smoke breathing, light flashing and rocket lauching guitars for Kiss guitarist imageAce Frehley.

But some of his other works have even had a greater impact in the music world; the sound systems and effects he made for Pink Floyd.

Or later the toys he designed for Milton Bradley.

His story is a classic example of a gifted aspergers drop-out. Something I can relate to. The only difference is that he has arrived at something he’s quite comfortable and at ease with. While for me it’s still a daily struggle.

He also wrote a couple of books on the subject; “Look me in the eye” and “Be different”, in which he tells about his life with undiagnosed Aspergers.

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