The Element pt.2 – Zen Pencils

Zen Pencils

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Love this comic by Zen Pencils. It’s inspired by Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED-Talk I posted earlier this week.

I think there is a lot of truth in it. Too often we’re pushed into a direction we never wanted to go. Led by social conventions and pressure, (reïn)forced by fear.

We’re putting a strain on everything around us. Mining the world and draining its resources, both human and natural. We need to put this to a halt, before it burns everything out.

Reïnventing ourselves, by changing the outdated principles of our educational system. The job market is already changing, but not in a very positive way. The corporate hunt for profit turned people into disposable means of production.

We need to bring back sense into the system. A sense of dignity and quality. Both of humans as the products they MAKE. Digitalizing has made everything faster, but also robbed us of our sense of reality. The world has become abstract, unsubstantial. We need to get a more practical approach. So bring back shop and art class to learn working with head ànd  hands. Turning from sleeping consumers into consious and responsible humans again…



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