The Element

Shortly after my burn-out someone sent me a link to this TED Talk…

With over 40 million views it’s the most popular TED Talk ever. And with reason, because its message resonates within our society. These are the problems deeply rooted in our educational and employment systems. Large amounts of human potential are wasted, because we don’t recognize them as valuable. Disregard and ignorance are some of the biggest threats we face. Often fed by outdated ideas of how we should live our lives.

The ElementFinding your ElementI have written about this before, and mr. Robinson’s works have been a great inspiration. “The Element” and “Finding your Element” are two books I can recommend. Because we have got to find a way out of this. Before we are destroyed by it. Never before in history have we seen so many cases of burn- and bore-out. Nothing is more demoralizing and soul-crushing than just having to endure your life, day by day. Many people long for their pension, because then they can stop living for the expectations of others and do what they are really talented for and passionate about… But a lot of them don’t even get there…




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