Coca Cola history

It’s probably one of the best known brands in the world. And its history is almost synonymous to the development of marketing and name branding, intertwined with popular culture. Quite an achievement when you realize it’s just carbonated sugar water…

The Coca Cola bottle and logo have become a design icons. Vintage ads, metal signs and other merchandise are in high demand. It’s found all over the world. One thing that always gets to me is that it’s easier to find a bottle of Coke than safe drinking water. Something is really wrong with the way we live…

The Coke Bottle headstock.

Danelectro headstockThere is even a guitar headstock that’s know as the “Coke Bottle”. Used by Danelectro between 1956 and 1966.


A 1:1 tracing of an original headstock is found in my book “Making Masonite Guitars“…

Making Masonite Guitars - Headstock


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2 Responses to Coca Cola history

  1. Jamie says:

    I love this article! I have been using a Danelectro DC59 for 6 years now and didn’t realise it was a coke bottle headstock! Amazing story!


  2. dirkdeklein says:

    What is a less known fact is that in 1941, the German branch of Coke ran out of syrup, and couldn’t get any from America because of wartime restrictions.So they invented a new drink, specifically for the Nazis: A fruit-flavored soda called Fanta.It became the official Nazi drink.


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