Tight Nuts or A Rusty Tool?

One of my many quirks is that I like bad linguistical humor. Misspellings that give a sentence a whole different meaning, ambiguity, taking things literally that should be interpreted metaphorical and vise versa…

Sometimes you come across little jewels. Like this first advertisement for WD-40 universal oil. It’s hard to impove on this…

WD 40 first ad

In fact it’s just a hoax that has been going round the internet for some time now. But once in a while one needs to have a good laugh…

I’m not a very avid user of WD 40 and prefer Ballistol. Which according to this video even tastes better than RedBull…

Actually the Ballistol in this movie isn’t the universal oil, but an energydrink packed in the typical wrapper for promotion purposes. Although I would like to have a couple of them at the shop, just for joking practices…

Here is something about the history and applications of this almost miracle product…

I even know some guitar roadies who swear by it to use as fingerboard oil. But I’m more partial to lemon or linseed oil for that purpose.

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