Children making an organ

There is no better way to learn about something than with a hands-on approach. Especially when it’s about how a machine works. Taking something apart and/or putting it together yourself gives more insight than looking at pictures.

So to learn people how an organ works, the Dutch organisation “Orgelkids” made a small -register organ, which can be put together like a puzzle. It’s brought to schools and used at events.

There is a lingering shortage of organists and organ builders here in the Netherlands. A lot of them are retiring. Some churches struggle to find an organist. Most young organists I know are travelling like crazy throughout the land, as the demand is high.

For builders the demand is less pressing, but still most of them will be retiring in the next 15-20 years. So it is important to get a new generation interested in making these instruments.

Because of the success, the organisation (non-profit) is branching out, first to Belgium, but also to America.

For more information visit:


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