Teenager builds the worlds largest piano.

This is definitely a cool project.

In a quest for his ultimate sound, Adrian Mann from New Zealand made his own piano. Quite a tour de force for any maker, but what makes it even more impressive is that Adrian was 15 when he started the project. Four years later the world’s largest piano was finished.

The one thing I love is his attitude. Imagine something, simply start building it and learn along the way. This is one of the best ways to learn something, by doing. Literally getting to grips with tools, techniques and the physics behind it. Putting theories to the test.

No matter the snide remarks of others, who often lost this fire or never posessed it. Older people often think they know better than to take on such a silly project. Often because their own dreams and ideas had to be layed off for the merits of a ‘normal’ life. There is mo shame in that, but a lot of them have become bitter because of it. Resulting in discouraging and demeaning words for the younger generation who attempt it. Like in this poem  y Arnon Grunberg:


Al those people who say:
you should stop that nonsense,
finally grow up.
Do you see those faces?
That are the faces of people
who have grown up.
Stopped that nonsense.

– Arnon Grunberg –

Some people manage retain that youthful gumption. To swim upstream and go against the grain of society. In that way it’s quite countercultural. Some writers even characterize it as ‘Anarchist’.

And yes, you must have a special kind of madness to think that you can make and even better instruments what have been around for centuries. That might be preceived as being stubborn or weird. But that’s the place where innovation and arts get born. By making something that didn’t exist before.

I hope Adrian may keep this fire going. Even against the odds of society. Like one of the greatest artists of the 20th century said:

“You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because these are the only good things.”

– Andy Warhol –

For more information about the Alexander Piano: http://www.alexanderpiano.nz

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