A sign of life from the workshop…

It has been a while since I posted pictures of workshop projects. Last two weeks weren’t very good, felt anxious and tired (see the blogs “Stop running with the racing rats” and “Boredom at work” for more info on that). Some bad news, too many things going on and couldn’t get a grip on it. It all went wrong when a router bit rolled from the bench and broke its edges off.

Enough ideas and lots to do, but no energy to put them into practice. Went to the shop, but nothing worked, making mistakes, losing tools you held in your hands a moment ago, etc. Those are the moments when frustration and doubt hit and one has to put the work aside to do something else. Cleaning the shop to clear my mind, but when on an all time low, even that’s too much.

It always takes me a couple of weeks to recover and get back on track. Something that often helps is doing research, looking for new perspectives, getting inspired again. Walking and writing also help, so I wrote a couple of blogs and worked somewhat on the next book(s). Also decided to make some basic prototypes of Voboam and Stradivari baroque guitars, to try some of the theories I have about the methods they used.

Today I went back to the shop to give it another try. Made a form for one of the most elegant Stradivari guitars, based on the middle model (MM.E.901.5) of the Paris museum.


It’s a small guitar with a string length of 567 mm (G-tuning). It’s going to be very basic and partly made of recuperated materials. Like an 80-year-old drawer.

Another project I’m working on is the largest Stradivari model, based on template MS. 374 in the Cremona museum. This guitar has a string length of 770 mm… A true baroque bass guitar…

The largest and smallest Stradivari forms together...

The largest and smallest Stradivari forms together…

The bass guitar is huge, its corpus is even longer than a normal Torres guitar…

Stradivari vs Torres

Another project is a guitar in the style of the Voboam family. The very thick back is made of maple with walnut/maple/walnut spacers between them. (Originally this often was ebony and bone, but I want to make this one entirely out of European species.

Voboam back

Work on other projects still goes on, but simply need to do this…

To be continued…

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2 Responses to A sign of life from the workshop…

  1. John Purser says:

    This is none of my business but I’ll say it anyway. Have you considered having your health checked? I just had a conversation with a friend. We’d both been through a spell of not being motivated, depression, lack of energy, etc. Both of us recently found out this was very likely the result of health issues, hers the result of side effects of a medication and for me it was blood chemistry issues that were WAY out of whack.

    Again, none of my business, and I’m certainly not asking you to talk about your health issues on the internet. But unless you have reason to believe you’re healthy you might want to see a doctor for a thorough checkup.

    Take care and keep making sawdust.

    John Purser


  2. Jim Tennant says:

    Looks great Jan🎸


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