One year!!!

Time for a little party… Today this blog celebrates its first anniversary! It has been a great ride and surpassed even my wildest expectations. Almost 60.000 visitors from all over the world and even more single views.

Other blogs

The reason I started blogging was finding and reading other blogs. It occurred to me that a blog is less ephemeral than posing things on Facebook for example. With a blog you built up a database of articles which stays indefinitely. I am  amazed how many times old posts are read and even reacted to. At re-enactment events people often say they already know the blog and it’s nice to “finally see a face” with it.

Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order)

The blog of my dear friend Darin Molnar. One of the most versatile and smartest people I know; thinker, writer, craftsman, musician, inventor, sounding board, questioner, seeker… On this blog describes the process of making his instruments: a harpsichord, electric cello, two gamba’s, but also restoring tools and building a massive Roubo workbench…

– Holden Concertinas
Another maker of musical instruments. Beautiful work from a true craftsman.
A treasure trove of information…

– Early Music Muse
Amazing articles about historical instruments and subjects by Ian Pittaway.

– The Guild of St. Thomas
I met this group of medieval woodworkers last year at Hernen Castle. They reconstruct furniture, but more important they do a lot of research about historical tools and techniques. Something every woodworker should read…

– Paul Sellers
The godfather of all woodworking blogs. He shows the beauty of working with your hands and sharing the experience with others. Often interluded with introspection about the deeper meaning and understanding of the craft.

– The English Woodworker
The first blog I found and decided to read entirely. Something resonated, but I couldn’t point out what. A blog about the love for working with handtools.

– Lost Art Press
Another great blog with very interesting articles. They also produce the most beautiful books about historical woodworking and tools.
Home of “Anarchist” woodworker Christopher Schwarz.

– Meubeluniek
The blog of master shriner Richard Vermeulen. The go-to guide when it comes to furniture repairs and finishing techniques. Through his webshop he sells the most fantastic materials and tools. Because he’s a man of practice and uses the products in his own shop, they don’t sell crappy products. The whole site is larded with Richards wonderful irony and humor.
(Dutch language only)

– Alice
A blog I recenty found and still haven’t finished reading. Great posts about making medieval clotes, music and more. (Dutch language only)

Other sites:

Two sites I would like to bring for the footlight:

Gun Guitars
The website of Eugen Wulff, one of the most inspiring, talented and inventive guitar makers I know, based in Haarlem, Holland. He has a keen eye for modern vintage designs and makes almost anything himself. I love to visit hem every once in a while and exchange ideas. Our shared motto is “If something has been made before, I can make it myself.”

A Dutch nonprofit organisation for instrument makers off all kinds. Sort of the Dutch GAL. In september I will start helping as a teacher at their guitar making course.
More info soon to follow. Or drop me a line for more information…

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4 Responses to One year!!!

  1. rawlingsrod says:

    Congratulations on your first year of publication. I have read most of your entries and have enjoyed tyhem very much. I know you will continue the good work.


  2. blauwesalon says:

    Gefeliciteerd Jan!


  3. Bil Andersen says:

    Well done Jan! You get a Ten out of Ten for your fine site!


  4. alexholdendotnet says:

    Congratulations, and thanks for the mention! When I found your blog a few months ago I went back to the beginning and read every entry. 🙂


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