Steam powered vehicles

By this term you will immediately get visions of old trains, pulled by massive steam engines. The Hogwarts Express might come to mind… Or the stationary machines that were the driving force behind the industrial revolution.

But what’s often forgotten is that there were also road vehicles driven by steam power. Portable steam engines like locomobiles and steam tractors were a start in the powered mechanization of agriculture.

But one thing we never think about are steam powered automobiles. And although they soon became obsolete because of explosion motors, steam power remained in use until the twenties.

A small number of these cars has survived in collections. But thay are rarely seen, let alone on the road. One of the most enthusiastic collectors is ex talkshow host Jay Leno. And the best thing is that he shares the collection with the public, through his YouTube channel…

Like these beauties by Stanley…


And Doble…

One thing I particularly like about these episodes is the genuine enthusiasm and passion Leno shows for these old pieces of technology. It’s amazing how sophisticated and powerful these cars are. Everything about them is mechanical and functional, no need for electrical or digital gadgets…

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