Instruments for Early Music by Today’s Makers… (1978)

Early Music0025Last week somebody put a set of old interior decorating and architecture books in the little free library. Often these books will stay on the shelves of bookstores for a long time. Because after all, who is interested in 40-year-old interior design?

Well… I like to leaf through books like these, both to get inspiration and often to be amazed by the ugliness of some designs. But sometimes these books hold lovely surprises; original pictures of Rietveld furniture, Mondrian paintings, or clues to solutions for problems I’m working on.

But this book held something different. An article about makers of early instruments. Written in 1978 it shows the works by some of the driving forces behind the early music revival. A bandora by Peter Forrester, lute and cittern by Ian Harwood, vihuela and baroque guitar by Paul Fischer, violin by Jaap Bolink and keyboard instruments by Denzil Wraight.

This was published in “Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1978” by Studio Vista, London.

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