Little free libraries…

It's hard to find transport for a slightly top-heavy and bulky thing like this. So I attached some wheels to walk it home from the shop...

It’s hard to find transport for a slightly top-heavy and bulky thing like this. So I attached some wheels to walk it home from the shop…

You might be familiar with the concept of the “Little Free Library”.

A simple wooden box or chest, placed in a public spare of front garden where people can borrow and exchange books.

Because Sandra and I are avid readers, and we’re always  trying to get people to read. A few years ago we heard of the Little Free Libraries and thought it would be cool to set one up ourselves. Especially in our neighborhood, where people don’t have a lot of money to spend on books.

But as it goes with side-projects they need some time to mature. It soon became apparent that we wanted something different than the normal standard variety you see around. Somewhat larger, and with a possibility to exchange DVD’s alongside of the books. Another goal was to make it entirely out of repurposed materials, that otherwise would have ended up in the dumpster.

In placeBut more than a book and DVD exchange we wanted to make a meeting point in the neighborhood. A place where people can get to know their neighbors. And even in a small village like Doorn people often never met the people living across the street. Everybody is so caught up in work and other obligations it is hard to step down from it once in a while. With this library it was our aim to give people a small refuge in their own street. A place to take a book and sit down to read in the sun.

The library has been open for two days now. And already the reactions are great. People like and use it. And in the evening you see people having a chat at the little square.  We hope this effect may endure. Sharing is caring and this is a small and simple way to spread some happiness…

We wanted to do something positive in a time where you hear negativity everywhere. And while everybody is waiting for large gestures, we believe that it’s much more powerful to actually DO something, even if it’s very small. Those little bits of happiness you share are like little drops of water, that eventually will cool e ven aroaring fire off. It might be a drop in the ocean, but when we all add droplets we will rise the tide in the end…


Some reactions and a geocache our neighbor added…

Whenever you’re in Doorn, be sure to check it out. It’s located at the Bloemengaard. Our neighbor added a geocache, so it must be possible to find it…

For the latest news on the project visit and like our facebook page:

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