A visit to the Wurlitzer Jukebox Factory…

Wandering around Youtube, looking for interesting videos, I found this 1950’s educational film of the Wurlitzer factory.

A little movie about the Wurlitzer factory in which the Wurlitzer workers, make Wurlitzer designed Wurlitzer jukeboxes out of Wurlitzer parts and Wurlitzer wood, using Wurlitzer tools and finished with Wurlitzer lacquer, while eating their Wurlitzer lunch in the Wurlitzer canteen or at the Wurlitzer lawns in the beautiful Wurlitzer garden…

The brand name is mentioned excessively. Can anybody please count the number of times they say the word Wurlitzer?

But apart from being Wurlitzerized by the Wurlitzer propaganda departement, it is a nice peek into the factory where they made the most iconic jukeboxes we know. Their 1015 model is probably just as synonymous for Rock & Roll as the Stratocaster.

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