A unique find at Texel

Some great news was announced today: Last year a group of underwater archaeologists discovered a complete 17th century wardrobe. It was found in the wreck of a three-masted ship which sunk  near the island of Texel, in the north of Holland.


imageThe quality of the fabrics is exceptional, and they probably belonged to some noble woman. Among the objects recovered were personal items, combs, pieces of fine Italian pottery and silverware.


Some of the leather book covers featured the coat of arms of the English Stuart family, which had strong ties to the Dutch royal family.



image image

The discovery was held secret until today. Over the last year a team of restorers have worked to conserve and stabilize the pieces. They will be on display in the “Kaap Skil” museum in their exhibition “Garde Robe” (now – May 16).

A discovery like this raises more questions than it answers. On the one hand we have a great body of new information, but at the same time it opens a whole field of new things to study.

I think that’s the beauty of historical research and knowledge in general: the more you get to know, the more you understand what you don’t know. – There is always something new to explore!

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  3. PEPPERMIA.x says:

    Wow, this is amazing! Thanks for the great post!


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