Stradivari Sunday: Sam Zygmuntowicz

A lecture about Stradivari by one if the greatest contemporary violin makers Sam Zygmuntowicz (the other is probably Dmitry Badiarov).

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1 Response to Stradivari Sunday: Sam Zygmuntowicz

  1. Darko Milojevic says:

    Are there any known violins build out of American soft maple?
    I don’t understand why the whole world is claiming the Bosnian maple is the best.
    Since I’m originally out of that region it was an easy task to get my self Bosnian maple from several Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian luthiers.
    Wood that most respected Balkan luthiers claimed to be the best and I made guitars out of it.
    I got to play many guitars made out of Bosnian maple build by most respected Balkan luthiers.
    And I will tell you the wood is not good for musical instruments.
    It has certain frequencies that makes what I call a bad sound, literally it hurts your ears.
    Also it does not have certain frequencies that would make a beautiful sounding instrument.

    Maybe violin makers should try some other maple .,,


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