Woodturning in 1930

A beautiful little movie gem. The short film “Der Drechsler” from 1930…

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2 Responses to Woodturning in 1930

  1. alexholdendotnet says:

    Interesting, lots of familiar techniques, but the hook tool used at 5:56 for smoothing the inside of the bowl is somewhat unusual these days except in the spring pole lathe community. Spot the catch at 6:07!

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  2. kaisaerpren says:

    I have 2 older gouges that are flat and wide like the ones he’s using. I have never seen them used and the gouges in a modern set that I am familiar with are not so wide and deeper to width. My gouges are sharp, I can’t leave them around all dill and rusty. So next time I’m on the lathe they will have a go.


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