Anasazi Pottery

It’s no secret that I admire ceramics. Making them is of the crafts were all elements come together in the final product. Water and earth make up the clay, it dries trough the air and the earth binds through fire.

Ceramics have a very tactile quality to them. Whether it is pottery, tiles or bricks. It tells a story of who made it, where on the globe, in what time and which techniques were used. Structure, glazes, shape, thickness, color, weight. Give an archaeologist a hand full of shards and he will have enough material for a whole afternoon of stories.

Here is a short documentary about Kelly Magleby and the Anasazi pottery she makes. Their techniques used are very similar to the techniques used in the iron age in Europe.

Follow the process from gathering and mixing the clay, making up the pots, drying, burnishing, decorating and firing the kiln.


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