Sneak preview…

Henri Arnaut de ZwolleA little preview of two projects I’m working on…

The design of a late-medieval lute, combining various iconographic sources and the works of “Henri Arnaut de Zwolle” (ca. 1440). Henri was born in the Netherlands and worked as a doctor on the french court. His manuscript on musical instruments contains one of the earliest descriptions of a lute.


And two wooden hand planes after the “Lautenmacher” woodcut by Jost Amman.

Both are part of my reenactment project, to reconstruct the life and work of a 16th century lute maker.

Making these gives me a lot of insight and it already lead to some surprising conclusions…

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6 Responses to Sneak preview…

  1. Aiko Timmer says:

    Yet another nice project Jan! I like the planes as well!
    Have fun!


  2. Martin says:

    I’ll be interested to hear the conclusions!


  3. So was the backs laminated or bend over a form?


  4. kaisaerpren says:

    share your insights and conclusions? please.


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