The Moka Express… Pt. 2

Last week I posted a blog about the death of Renato Bialetti, “the father of espresso”.

His ashes were interred in the family grave in Omegna, Italy.

We can’t say the old man lacked a sense of humor and irony. One of the last wishes Renato was to be buried in a large urn shaped like his famous coffee maker.

And although a priest reading to a giant percolator looks quite rediculous, it is in no way as confusing as seeing it standing in front of the altar…

Or a priest burning incense around it…

Another reason to consider coffee a sacred beverage?

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1 Response to The Moka Express… Pt. 2

  1. moreviolas says:

    This was great. What a way to go. If I opt for cremation, I think I would like my remains in an old-looking fiddle-shaped box!


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