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Een ouwe tang… (An old pair of pliers)

In Dutch the word “Tang” can mean pliers, but also be used as a slightly rude synonym for a grumpy old lady. Years ago I found this pair of pliers at a local flea market. They intrigued me, because I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Lutes and Guitars for the Pharaoh

As a young child – about 8 years old – my interest in history was awakened by learning about ancient Egypt. I went to the local library to learn more. Starting with the children’s books, but soon also discovering the grown … Continue reading

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A fifty year old fret saw…

I have been making guitars for over ten years now, but never had the pleasure of owning my own fret saw… How to do such a thing? Simple, just make a lot of instruments with tied frets, like lutes and … Continue reading

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A New Year…

A new year has started. In the Netherlands we have a tradition that a comedian looks back upon the year and its ups and downs. For years this has been Youp van ‘t Hek, but this time Herman Finkers was … Continue reading

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