A branding iron…

A part of my personal philosophy is to find a new purpose for old things.

So I converted this antique soldering iron into a branding iron…

Branding iron

The logo is a combination of three symbols

 – Faith

⚓️ – Hope

– Love

It’s my depiction of the most beautiful text in the bible;

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love
1 Corinthians 13:13

It’s the one text that sums up what’s universal for most religions and ideologies, but also what is the most easily to forget. In some translations the word love is also written as ‘charity’, ‘solidarity‘ or ‘brotherhood’. All very powerful words and ideals. “Love thy neighbor” is also heard many times. Who is this neighbour? When someone asked Jesus this he told the allegory of ‘the Good Samaritan‘.

Pete Seeger banjo headLove is the basis for everything worth living for. Solidarity, friendship. It’s much stronger than hate, but also harder to achieve. Hate is the easy way out, it keeps a distance between people. Love demands an open mind and open heart. It asks us to give something from ourselves, to be vulnerable, to care and take care for each other. But also to forgive (that doesn’t automatically mean to forget) and give people a second chance. Maybe this is the hardest part. But when we do it means a new beginning, a new purpose for old – often damaged – things. And often the things that were once broken and discarded, are the most beautiful when restored.

No matter what religion or background you come from (people who follow this blog will know that I am also very critical about thoughtless faith, especially Christianity). This is the one universal thing. It’s the same care found in a craftsman for his work, a teacher for his students, a writer for his book, a luthier for his instruments. We all know how to give it when we really care for something or someone. It’s the foundation of friendship. I believe that such love is possible, and hope it can be an antidote to the current political madness. But it all starts with ourselves. Let’s try to let that grow…

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