The decorated Spanish Cello

It’s considered to one of the masterpieces of Antonio Stradivari. The “Bass of Spain” was made in 1696 and is one of only eleven highly decorated instruments the old master made.

It was aquired by King Felipe V of Spain in the end of the 18th century, along with several other instruments by Stradivari. The group is now kept in the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) of Madrid.

There is no conclusive evidence why Stradivari made these elaborate instruments. But it is thought that early in his career, he wanted to distinguish himself from other Cremonese builders.

The edge inlay of ivory (or bone on the originals) lozenges and discs is also found around the soundhole of his guitars.

A few years ago a copy of this remarkable cello was made by Luca Primon.
The techniques used for the inlay are very close to the ones I used on the guitars.

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1 Response to The decorated Spanish Cello

  1. Claude says:

    That’s a magnificent cello.
    Almost makes me want to take up the instrument just to dream about having one of those.


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