How to Make an Electric Guitar

Along with the popularity of Rock & Roll the demand for electric guitars increased in the fifties.

In 1959 the American magazine “Mechanix Illustrated” published this little article on how to make your own ‘Spanish’ or ‘Hawaiian’ guitar.

The construction of the instruments in the article is quite close to that of guitars made by Danelectro.

Mechanix Illustrated was founded in 1928 to compete against the older “Popular Mechanics” and similar how-to-do magazines. Beside ways for repair they showed their readers ways to improve their home and how to built anything from sportscars and boats to guitars and helicopters. In the Netherlands Leonard de VriesHobby Club“- magazine filled this space, aiming to interest youngsters for science and technology. Some of these magazines still remain today, and with the advent of the whole ‘Maker Movement’ new ones like “Make:” were started.

However there are always people who would rather read something else… Like in this conversation from M*A*S*H…

HawkeyeHawkeye: “You’ve got ‘Field & Stream’ mixed in with my ‘Joys of Nudity.'”
Trapper: “Big deal.”
Hawkeye: “I’d rather see a naked girl than a canoe built in a dentist’s garage.”
Hawkeye: “‘How to Wrap a Grizzly Bear for Mailing.'” (throws it on the ground) “‘Popular Mechanics?’ How do you read this stuff?”
Trapper: “Save that. I’m learning how to make a lamp out of a lawnmower.”

To read the whole article about making the guitar click here for a PDF file in color, or here for b/w scans.


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