Being gifted; not a problem

A great blogpost about what some people regard a ‘luxury problem’.

Stop! No!

Being gifted often proves to be a curse, rather than a blessing…


Today I want to talk about giftedness, because I am gifted and it is my opinion that the world doesn’t pay enough attention to what it means. Most people don’t even know what it is, or what it entails. Too many times have I heard that it must be nice and easy, or that it’s a ‘luxury problem’. As if you’re comparing giftedness to those ‘first world problems’ like having nothing nice to wear (while standing in front of a full wardrobe) or forgetting to charge your phone.

But what is giftedness then? It’s a bit hard to explain, something that the many existing definitions and explanations prove. Sometimes giftedness is referred to as someone who functions on a different level, which is a bit vague. Some people have also explained it as thinking differently than ‘normal’ people. However, this too doesn’t quite hit home to me. On the internet…

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