An IKEA-Hack Router Table

How to make your own router table?

Simply start with a router and add a table (sorry).

I know there are many woodworkers who have an aversion to the Swedish furniture giant, housed in the large blue warehouse. They think everything this company makes is low quality crap. I beg to differ, having handled literally everything from book cases to king size beds, from kitchens to stools and from chairs to kitchen tables. I have used, taken apart, moved and (re-)assembled hundreds of examples of their furniture. And believe me, there are far worse products made in this world. The price-quality ratio is very good, and as with all goods, a lot of it depends on your own use and expectations.

One of the advantages of IKEA furniture is that it’s fairly easy to customize and ‘hack’ to your own wishes. When I needed a compact router table for the workshop I didn’t have to look for long…


Click here to view the hack.

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